Syndicating Your Patent

Syndicating Your Patent

Why would a Patent Owner want to Syndicate their Patent?

The dream of most inventors and patent owners is to turn their idea into a commercial success.

To achieve their dream the inventor or patent owner must firstly navigate their way through the patenting process and if successful, they must then confront the monetizing systems of marketing, manufacturing, licensing and funding the protection of their idea around the world.

For many inventors or patent owners just getting through the patenting process is difficult enough but to then have to go through the steps of transforming their patent into commercial success globally is usually more than they can handle, and this is where it stops for many inventors and patent owners.

There are obviously many books that have been written on the patenting process and many companies that can help inventors and patent owners but up until now there has never been a simple system that provides intellectual property owners with an easier way to protect and monetize their intellectual property – worldwide.

This new paradigm – Patent Syndication, enhances the tried and tested method of standard syndicating to provide intellectual property owners with the ultimate Patent monetization system.

Syndicating a patent is like having a global franchise where the shareholders of the syndication in each country have a vested financial interest to make the patent a commercial success.

There are many benefits for a patent owner to syndicate their patent and they include;

• There is little or no cost for the patent owner to be in the syndication depending on the type of syndication process taken.
• The patent owner retains a percentage of the total number of shares in the Patent Syndication at little or no cost.
• The patent owner can receive a percentage of any licensing revenue (only) generated by the syndication shareholders (except the revenue generated from shares held by the syndicator and the facilitator) depending on the types of syndication groups within each syndication.
• The patent owner receives a share of the commission the syndicator receives to facilitate the trading of any syndication shares traded after the syndication has been initially established.
• Each share owned by the patent owner comes with the right to license the patent within the country of the patent syndication, which provides the patent owner with the ability to generate licensing revenue depending on the type of syndication group.
• The patent owner can sell any or all of their shares in the syndication once the syndication has been syndicated.
• The patent owner chooses the syndicator/s to syndicate their patent.
• For some patent owners they will gain notoriety with the global exposure and recognition that patent syndication can bring the inventor.

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