Becoming a Syndicator

Becoming a Syndicator

Why would any individual, group or company become a Patent Syndicator?

A patent syndicator is an individual or organization who meets the criteria to operate as a syndicator within their country and who establishes and administers the patent syndication within their country.

There are many benefits of being a Patent Syndicator.

  • The syndicator receives an upfront payment from the Patent Filing Management Fee incurred by the syndication shareholders.
  • The syndicator receives an annual Patent Management Fee
  • The syndicator receives a percentages of any licensing revenue generated by the syndication shareholders (excluding the licensing revenue generated from shares held by the patent owner and the facilitator)
  • The syndicator receives a commission to facilitate the trade of any syndication shares traded after the syndication has been initially established.
  • The syndicator receives a percentage of the total number of shares in the Patent Syndication at little or no cost. Once the patent syndication is fully subscribed, the syndicator can purchase additional share/s from willing selling syndication shareholders.
  • Each share owned by the syndicator has the right to utilize or license the patent within the country of the patent syndication, which provides the syndicator with the ability to generate additional licensing revenue.
  • The syndicator can choose or bid on the patent they would like to syndicate and manage.
  • By creating multiple patent syndications the syndicator can develop a revenue stream and a patent portfolio at little or no cost effectively enabling significant upside potential in income and capital gains with very low downside risk.

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